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Packaged into a 60 minute experience, our concept of an escape room involves teams of 2 - 6 players working together inside a locked, themed room to find clues and solve cleverly layered puzzles.
Since its first fair in 1897, Lethbridge Exhibition Park has hosted hundreds of tradeshows, Farmers Markets, midways and rodeos, as well as a variety of sporting and special events each year.
Stories unfolding. If a picture is worth a thousand words the stories this building could tell are legendary. The Galt as it is known locally portrays the colourful history of southern Alberta in an intricate and engaging tapestry.
Plodding down a shale trail, the crunch of splintered rock under your feet, the sky above you open and blue, a gentle wind at your back just enough breeze to make you move a little faster everything seems right in the world.
A society based in Lethbridge, focused on increasing the exposure and education of the work of William Shakespeare.
You settle into your seat in the darkened theatre, anticipation coursing through your veins. A dull murmur rolls throughout the crowd, concert goers speaking in hushed tones.
Cowboy, heroes, cops and robbers, far away places, drama, fantasy, comedy, and thrilling suspense. When it comes to pure entertainment, there s nothing like a night at the movies.
The last few audience members shuffle to their seats and a moment later the curtain goes up. Bright faces, clear voices and high energy erupt from the stage. From the moment the cast bursts into song you ll be grooving in your seat.
There is a tranquil treasure in the city of Lethbridge - a lush garden oasis, unique in all the region that reflects harmony between cultures and the beauty of simplicity.
Learn to see the world and beauty differently. Open your eyes. The Southern Alberta Art Gallery fosters the work of contemporary artists who challenge boundaries, and fosters awareness of the arts through exploration of artistic expression.