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Alberta Birds of Prey Centre
2124 - 16 Avenue
Coaldale Alberta Canada
T1M 1M8
Ph: 403-345-4262

On a cold day in February 2007, a van pulled up to the Birds of Prey Centre in Coaldale. Sitting on the passenger seat, looking helpless and confused was an injured Golden Eagle clearly in distress. The brave and kind woman driving the van had found the eagle on the side the of road, and knowing the bird would surely die without help, decided to bring him to the one place in southern Alberta where she knew he would be cared for.

The Birds of Prey Centre has been a preeminent rehabilitation and breeding facility for wild and endangered birds since 1984. In addition to efforts to care for and release birds into nature, the centre is also a strong steward for habitat preservation and protection, as well as an educational facility where the public learns about birds and the environment. Visitors witness flight demonstrations and are able to interact with the birds hands-on.

Countless birds have been rescued by the Birds of Prey team over the years, including a bird named Spirit – the Golden Eagle that was brought to the centre on that cold February day. Unable to return to the wild because of his injuries, Spirit has been living happily at the centre since he arrived.